Our roster currently includes 30 cyclists racing in amateur to semi-pro categories. Ten of our current riders race at the highest level of competition in the ‘cross category 1 / 2 and the remaining riders are in the no less competitive categories 3 and 4.

Jeff Aken, Jeff Anderson, Joel Artz, Michael Black, Bryn Black, Chase Blanton, Paul Boivin, Larry Boyer, David Brunelle, Hidi Cramer, Alex Ebright, Landon Erickson, Nate Frederickson, Brian Glass, Tim Kibler, Maxwell Kullaway, Dieter Laskowski, Mel Lewis, Cole Meckle, Kat Meckle, Laura Newman, Zack Phillips, Robbie Phillips, Doug Reid, Ben Riedesel, Bart Sanderson, Matt Soja, Christine Soja, Glenn Soja, Dewey Stace, Zach Strong, Niels Thogersen III, Raymond Tse, Todd Morse Tucker, Jason Williams, Andy Zeigler, and Ed Praitis.