Raymond Tse

Age: 38

Category: Cyclocross Cat 4, Cat 2 MTB

Height: 5′-8″‘

Weight: 145 lb.

Racing since: 2006

Racing focus:  Cyclocross season

Strengths: Riding hard, climbing, and technical courses

How do you feel you can contribute to the team: Pushing the boys on
rides and at races.

2013 Goals: Break into the top 3 in Cat 4, upgrade to Cat 3, break into the top 15 in Cat 3 (and if that doesn’t happen, spend time with my new, lovely honey).

Past cycling achievements:  Occassionally breaking into the top 10 and racing twice in one day (I’m a bit of a hack but Jonathon Page once told me that it was better that way than to be a hack surgeon).