Bart Sanderson

Age:  48

Category: Road Cat 2, Cross Cat 2, MTB Cat 1

Height: 5’11

Weight: 165

Racing since: Geez, 1986 or so

Racing focus: SS Cross MFG /some gears maybe in SCX,  hmm maybe not, SS MTB – Viscious series races, Road – some crits, Rhonde, Kermesse

Strengths: When I’m super pumped, I can bench press 35 lbs. I like flats, breaks, and blazing single track.

How you feel you can contribute the the team:  Share my secret techniques of training as little as possible.

2013 goals:  Start by trying to get these new low cut bibs to stop cradling my beer gut, then maybe average top 15 in SS Cross.

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