Jeff Anderson

Age: 35
Category: Cat 4 Road, Cat 3 Track, Cat 2 Cyclocross, Cat 1 MTB
Height: 6’-00”
Weight: 185 lbs
Racing since: 2002
Racing focus: Cyclocross and Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Racing
Strengths: Mud, Climbing and Suffering.
How you feel you can contribute the team: This year I am getting back in the saddle and will try and not get dropped on team rides and make everyone wait.
2013 goals: Single Speed USA and bring the race to Washington next year.
Past cycling achievements: 2011 PM (12:53) at the Cascade Cream Puff, Top 15 at SSUSA, NW Echo Valley 8th place, 2010 24 Hours of Spokane (Solo Single Speed) 3rd Place.  High Cascade 100 (Single Speed) 8th Place.