Landon Erickson

Age: 38

Category: Cat 1 MTB ,Cat 4 Road and Cat 2 Cyclocross

Height: 5’-10”

Weight: 165-170 lb.

Emoji: 🐰

Racing since: 1998

Racing focus: CX/endurance mtb/crit racing.

Strengths:  Unbalanced mix of naughty and nice. Rides of mind-numbing length.

How you feel you can contribute to the team: Being a team player/sacrificial lamb.

2013 goals: Rebuild fitness with some rando rides, crits, endurance mtn rides and races. Start doing some single speed xc events.

Past achievements: A few podiums at a few mountain bike/cx races. Several long-distance self-supported solo tours. Can break wind without altering my pedal stroke.