Reid Parker

Age: Young enough that I probably don’t get that reference you’re making but old enough that I know how a goddamn pager works and I know what a dot matrix printer is

Category: Cat 4

Height: People only talk to me when they need something off a high shelf

Weight:  You’ll have to buy me a drink first, buddy

Racing since: 2018

Racing focus: Road

Strengths: I can grind climbs and give a decent lead-out

How you feel you can contribute to the team: I bought beer once

Goals:  To buy more beer

Past cycling achievements: I made 75 bucks at a Seward 5PM race because I don’t think anyone realized I was off the front and it was 5 bucks a lap. I also formed a breakaway at a collegiate crit in Walla Walla and won that. I had the best pancakes of my life after that.