Glenn Soja

Age: 37
Category: Cat 4 Road, Cat 2 Cyclocross, Cat 1 MTB
Height: 6′-0″
Weight: 155
Racing since: 2001
Racing focus: Cyclocross, Criteriums, Mountain Bike Racing
Strengths:  Technical terrain
How you feel you can contribute to the team: If you need a shoulder to cry on, I’ll be there.
2013 goals:  Build up a pimpin’ 333 FAB bike and ride it with a smile.
Past cycling achievements:  Suffering through Todd’s sensible rides, Numerous Top 5 finishes in CX, 3rd CX Cat 3 States, Some podiums in the Mountain Bike series over the years, beating Craig Fowler at the line of the CX series final in 2006.