Budu #4 Ft. Ebey Race Report

Sunday’s race out at Ft. Ebey on Whidbey Island is always the most challenging in the BuDu series and this year it didn’t disappoint. Last time I raced this on a SS they sent us out with the Sport class and we only did 2 laps. This year we were sent out with the expert class and had 3 laps. That last lap just about killed me and showed me where me fitness level, and upper body strength, really was. The course was just shy of 7 miles and about 900ft of climbing per lap. The terrain isn’t all that technical but there were a fair number of rooty climbs and a couple of ripping fast descents. The conditions were perfect for racing, no knee or arm warmers were needed and there wasn’t a spot of mud out there. They started the SS class behind all the experts this time around so we spent most of our time the first couple of laps in traffic. Luckily there are plenty of opportunities to pass at Ft. Ebey.

I was able to get the 4th spot as we entered into the first singletrack in the trees. I didn’t feel like I was killing myself with the pace but it wasn’t long before I realized I couldn’t keep it up. I just let all my usual competitors around me one by one. Some were faster because of gearing but most are just crazy strong riders that impress the hell out of me each week. After they all got by I spent the rest of the race at a pace I thought I could sustain and just hung in there. One more SSer got me on one of the last climbs on the last lap but there was nothing I could do to respond as both quads and hamstrings started to cramp right on schedule. I stopped and pounded on them a little bit and then finished out the lap. Overall I ended up in 8th place. Not my best showing but for some reason I didn’t have any more to give. I should really start training for these sorts of things 😉
Props to Dirty for showing up yesterday. It was nice to see a teammate out there. I did see Dillon out there too but he doesn’t count anymore, heh.
Next up, Black Diamond. The course that shouldn’t be a course. Super technical and no where to pass at all.
Zack Phillips