Budu #3 Race Report

Unlike the rest of the BuDu races the course at Ft. Steilacoom has plenty of opportunities to pass. I think most everyone realized this and right at the start there was a bit less of a frenzy trying to get to the single track. I settled in at 5th in line and just tried to hang on to the usual crew of SSers that lead every race. A couple of guys quickly pulled off the front and the rest of us just played catchup. I may have been the only guy that didn’t tailor my gearing for the course. I was pretty outgunned in the flats and there seemed to be a lot of flats on this course. Any time there was a hill I could pull in some people but once it turned down or flat they would just get it back and eventually they would keep it. It wasn’t long before I found myself racing solo with no one other than the geared folks in sight in front or behind me. I was able to just settle in at my pace ¬†crushing the geared riders on the climbs and waving goodbye on the flats.¬†There was very little tech to speak of and all of it came on the back portion of the course. There was some wandering through the woods with a few roots before a crazy steep climb up to a water tower and a crazy steep descent back down the other side with a few roots and drops peppered throughout for good measure.
My legs were still pretty fresh in the end. I’m pretty sure my gear selection had something to do with that. I was never able to catch the first 4 guys but I was fast enough to hold off the rest of the field. I’m pretty happy with 5th place since I didn’t have to kill myself to get it.
Next week is Ft. Ebey on Whidbey Island. This is longest course in the BuDu series and probably the most challenging. It’s the only one with a complete package of climbs, descents, tech and passing opportunities. If you are going to show up to any of these races this is the one to be at. Hopefully some of you will come out as it gets really lonely in the army of Mafia, Blue Rooster and Old Town racers that show up each week.
Zack phillips