Welcome to the new home of Team Stanley!

Launch Day is here!  Welcome to the new and improved Stanley Cycling Team website.  We’ve tried to keep the site simple and clean.  The menu bar has the basics you’d expect to find.  The “Who we are” and “Sponsors” page shouldn’t change but keep your eye on the others as I will be updating them regularly.  This section, the “News” section will be filled with stories from YOU, the members of Team Stanley.  So send those ride and race reports in and share with the world.

It’s an exciting time for Team Stanley.  Tuesday brings many of us much need new kits for the upcoming season.  We’re all excited to have Castelli as our new clothing supplier.  The team is also in the mist of going on multiple training camps.  We have a small group headed across the pond to the Tour of Flanders and Pair Roubaix.  They will be pre-riding the courses and taking in the local culture while cheering on the top pros in the world.  Another larger group is headed to the Santa Barbara area for an early spring camp.  Both should be great adventures and pictures will be on our Facebook page.

Thanks for your patience’s and good luck to all in 2011.

Craig Fowler

Team Stanley