Support Mark Bender


The fine folks at DOMA have made it even easier to get the coffee. Just head on over to their site to purchase the coffee benefitting the Benders.

Many of you may have met Mark and/or Sarah Bender during the cross season the last couple of years. They and their four boys are pretty much the centerpiece of the MoFi tent throughout the season and seem to know just about everyone in the racing community.

Last week while celebrating their 15th anniversary in Hawaii Mark was taken down by a wave while body boarding and suffered a complete spinal cord injury at his C6 and C7 vertebrae. After surgery to fuse those two vertebrae together Mark lost feeling below his mid chest but had decent feeling and mobility in his arms.

It is at least 6-8 weeks before the extent of the damage is really known but no matter what happens this is going to be a lot of hospital and physical therapy bills not to mention the cost of adapting their whole life to someone who is now in a wheel chair.

How you can help.

Jenni Gaertner set up a fundraising event using the coffee company that sponsors their team. All the details can be found onFacebook. Basically you buy coffee and they donate the proceeds. It’s still pretty loosely organized at this point but Jenni can arrange the purchase.Or, if you don’t need any coffee you can just donate through the Bender’s church.

If you want to keep up on Mark’s progress you can get the latest update on the Facebook page set up to inform everyone of his progress.

Please share this and help spread the word for Mark and his family’s sake.  PCP Racing thanks you.