Ryan Hughs

Age: 34
Category: Cat 3 Road, Cat 3 Cyclocross, Cat 1 MTB
Height: 5′-10″
Weight: 155 lb.
Racing since: 1995
Racing focus: MTB, CX
Strengths: climbing, technical abilities, not racking myself re-mounting a ‘cross bike, having amazing fun on an MTB ride
How you feel you can contribute to the team: A good attitude, willing to work for a teammate in a race, making ‘mates faster in the dirt
2013 goals: top 10 Rocky Mountain Endurance Series, Dakota Five-O, USAC MTB Marathon Nationals, top 3 Boulder CX Series, podium Colorado CX state championships
Past cycling achievements: 8th Place at USAC Marathon National Championships, podium at 2005 Mountain Bike Nationals in Expert, 2nd Missouri State MTB championships