Race Reports – StarCrossed 2012

Me, I got second in the race to Craig, I had a front tire going down the whole race, so most corners were a tad tricky.

-Jason Williams


I really need to start pushing my way closer to the front of the SS field on the starts. Once again I was 6 rows back with more of the crowd in front of me than behind. Once we started it was almost impossible to get up to full speed with all of humanity in front of me and at the first corner I was way in the back. On the first stretch at the tents I was able to make up some ground but that only lasted to the hairpin at the fence. Then it was just a traffic jam up and down the side hills. Things finally cleared out on the first strait stretch after the logs and just as I got up to speed there was a wreck unfolding right in front of me. I was boxed in on the left by riders and by the fence on the right. I didn’t wreck myself but I did come to a complete stop, got off my bike and ran around the carnage before hopping back on. From there on traffic was heavy but manageable. I started doing my best to work up through the field. I picked a decent gear for the course as I seemed to have power that others didn’t in any straight section. I lost a little time getting back up to speed on some of the slower corners but it didn’t matter too much since I felt like a freight train at speed. My rear tire pressure was a little low for my liking so I was taking it easy on the corners. Matt I will never listen to your tire pressure advice again, I need to remember that I weigh much more than you.
I was just about caught up to a group of about 5 riders that included Zac and a few others I hadn’t identified at lap 4 or 5 when I attempted a risky and unnecessary pass that resulted in me hitting the deck. I didn’t lose any spots but I never got back in touch with that group. Form then on out it was just damage control. I just made sure that no one caught me. I really felt strong for once, I just wish I could pull a good start together just once.
-Zack Phillips