Race Reports from SCX #5

Showed up late, short pre-ride, no warmup, dehydrated, decent enough start to get in the first group, dead legs, slow death on the Thighmaster, got caught behind some slower riders and crashes, got my bars tangled in the chainlink fence, somehow managed to hang on for 6th place (with a sweet high-speed pass in the last turn and a sprint to the line), had to wait for more beer to arrive in the beer garden (what happens when you race late in the day), drank too much in the beer garden, drove home after closing beer garden.  Still have a “Blackness” hangover from the megaphone ringing in my ears.

-Brian Glass Master Men’s 3 45+


Yesterday’s race was a blast. It was another sloppy course with some single track, some fast corners, a big runup and two beer gardens. Each week in SCX the SS field is either getting smaller or I am getting faster. I had my best SS finish at 7th. I think the slop, one set of four barriers, and the massive runup played to my strengths because those seemed to be the places I would either hold people off or take some spots back. Getting a callup doesn’t hurt my chances either 😉
Late in the race I was wondering why I could hear Blackness yelling at me from inside my head. This morning I found the reason why: http://goo.gl/2LcNT
-Zack Phillips, Single Speed
lan to “do well” went to shit before the race even started, as I was staged in the back row. The first few minutes of racing through the open field was rough: I was stuck in really slow traffic at the back of the field watching the top 10 or so get a massive gap. Made it up the runup and took a few places back, and then got stuck in more traffic at the top. At the bottom of the first decent I tried to make a pass, and caught my front wheel on someone’s rear wheel and crashed out. Ended up with a sprained knee and it’s looking like I’ll miss the next couple of weeks of racing.
-David Brunelle