Race Report for 9/15

Various quotes and rambles from Team Stanley on week #2 of cylocross season.

Todd Stahl

All I can report is that the island riding and Italian sodas were superb on Seattle-Doe Bay-Seattle.

Zack Phillips

All I can tell you right now is that Bill and I shouldn’t be allowed to go through barriers at the same time. With that said we finished side-by-side somewhere between 19-20th.

Cole Meckle

Me- Mstr 1/2 35+.  Mechanical laps .5 through 2.  NO neutral wheels even though it was advertised.  

Andy Zeigler

SA got me my brand new cross bike yesterday — I rode it once on Sat, then signed up for the race yesterday.

Had a nice 30 minute heart attack in Cat 4. No mechanicals, course was fun.

Lap 1: rookie mistakes

I didn’t have a good hole shot, and it really hurt on the first lap as I doged a bunch of people piling up in the first turns, then a total cluster&*(& — rode about 20 yards through 4-5ft tall grass to get around a pileup in the singletrack. Then I had to drill it to try and make it back to a big pack on the flat. Then there was a sharp left into about a 150 foot climb. Didn’t see that coming — that was a real kick in the pants. Had to back off since I was about blown up.

There were a couple of sketchy downhills (which were actually pretty fun). One was a nice paved section into an off-camber left turn. I hit that about 15mph too fast and miraculously pulled out of a two wheel drift. People applauded — I’m not kidding.

Lap 2: Backed off a little bit to recover (read — getting passed)

Lap 3: Pretty much popped on the climb (read — getting passed some more)

I need a couple of weeks to get back in form, but holy shit that was fun. I was 55th out of about 90-100 starters. 

Jason Williams

Todd and I both won the Mukilteo and Orcas ferry time trials and definitely won in the using all available daylight to to ride competition. Hope y’all are getting out and enjoying this late summer madness.:) 

Brian Glass

Cat 3/45+.  After last week’s 28th place the confidence level was pretty low.  This week I wasn’t sick, got a clean start, no speeding tickets, no flats, no mechanicals, no crashes, no bonk.  6th place, I’ll take it.   Confidence back where it belongs, now more training and go harder 1st lap to have shot at podium/win.