PCP Racing presented by Milstead/Stanley 2013

I would like to welcome our team members, sponsors, fans, friends, family, and competitors to the 2013 PCP Racing Team.  Not only are our kits different for 2013, so are our title sponsors and riders.  Formerly known as Team Stanley, PCP Racing is now presented by Milstead & Co. and Stanley.  We are also supported by 333 Fab, Second Ascent, Beljum Budder, and Michelin Tires.

PCP Racing might look different and have 30 members now but we still stand for the same values.  Those values being Teamwork, Community Stewardship and Healthy Lifestyle Choices.  We also have two members in Colorado flying our colors.  Look for us to be at the road, track, mountain bike and cyclocross races.

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Current Roster:

On behalf of the entire team I would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support and welcome Milstead & Co.  We look forward to another great season of racing.  Follow our progress here; on our Facebook page; or Twitter feed.

Craig Fowler

Social Media and Website Coordinator