MFG Kickoff Race Report

This year is pretty different for me, so my cross racing season is kind of an experiment. ┬áHaving not raced at all since last cross season I was pretty unsure of where my fitness was. I’ve done good long rides but that doesn’t really translate into racing. So I’m trying the 1/2’s on my single as a fun challenge. For me it’s less pressure and where ever I end up is pretty much a win for me as trying to keep up with the fast guys with one gear is well…. Fucking hard! Yesterday’s course was awesome, the file treads were perfect, my legs were average, and I had a great time battling with a couple guys I know from the shop. It’s a really fun mental game racing guys with gears. I was making time in all the corners, I felt glued to the earth, but that 42*17 was a tad big for coming out of the corners. On the last lap I was with a guy from Atlanta and we traded back a forth, he got around me by the pits and there was no way I could out sprint him on that long of a straight with one gear. Think I ended up 10ish, which usually means 14-15th. Doesn’t matter, I had a great time and have lots-o-room to improve, if this is my base fitness then I should be up in the top 5 or so in a month or so. Thank you for all the cheering on the course, it really does help.:)

-Jason Williams