Budu #1 Race Report

First race in 2 months! Felt good to let the competitive side of me out for a while! Surprised how well it did go, I did around 115 miles in the two days leading up to it and Todd’s suffer ride was awesome, but left my legs in pain! So on the warmup lap I was kind of scared because my legs were feeling weak on the punchy climbs but once the gun goes off, adrenaline takes over. Trails were in premo conditions, you could hang it out in all the corners and have the tires hook up perfectly coming out… but damn they were hard to pass on! There was a mass start with everyone from 18 to 38 going at once so it was a messy first straight. Started around 7th and was stuck behind a mafia guy who was struggling on the climbs so I was trying to take different lines and maybe find a spot to sneak by. On a steep rooty decent my chain slipped off the front so I had to pull over and put it back on, while the 15 man row snaked by. Frustrating was an understatement, I went from being in the front pack battling for the lead, to nearly last place high fiving the stragglers! So for the next lap I was stuck behind a six man group that weren’t pushing it too much but luckily we caught a bunch of single speeders that broke everyone apart. Kind of funny how the first couple laps everyone is Lance Armstrong serious but after they heave up a few hills, they turn into Shaun Palmer homies and pull over for just about anything. Finally on lap three I was able to push it a bit on some clear trail and caught my friend Tyler. He thought we were around 8th or 9th so that calmed my nerves a bit and we cruised into the finish without passing anyone else. They had me listed as a female so my time was two minutes faster than it really was but still somehow won the 19 29 class. Got a medal and some nature bars that make smelly farts but no beer, disappointed with that one!

Looking forward to doing some more of those, did the five race entry fee so hopefully see more of ya out there, Ian and I were lonely running the colors! Also excited for some monster miles with jason and todd. Crazy to think it’s only February and I’m already this excited to ride!

Race Report by

Kacey Campbell